Claudia Neubarth

People make Brands.

People look for brands that match their personality and style.
And vice versa.

A strong brand, strong positioning and successful marketing are always directly dependent on the people behind the brand, their personalities, and how they collaborate with others.

The following keywords provide an initial impression of me, and of how I think and work.
Of course, the best way to get to know me is to meet me in person!


Quick and fast – I am quick on the uptake and react rapidly. My motivation comes from having a challenge and working under pressure. Snap decisions are part and parcel of the business, and sometimes a pragmatic, agile approach is the best way forward.

Conceptual thought and rigour

A higher concept is essential when many people have the same objective. Decisions, contents, statements and media channels must compliment and enhance each other and collectively contribute to achieving one common goal: the corporate profile, the brand identity or the product image.

How can the brand communication be more closely linked with the company so that customers feel inspired by the brand, the products and the company? For me, brand communication does not end with the job of the accountant. Brand values and brand purpose are key for innovation, digitization and change – and thus vital to the company’s survival.

Brand Communication

I believe brand management is closely tied to strategic corporate leadership.
A clear brand purpose and brand values are essential.

Because of this, for me the key question is always how brand communication can be integrated even more effectively throughout the company, to get customers excited about the brand, product, and company as a whole at every level. This helps create added value for customers and cooperative partners at all touch points. I believe brand management doesn’t stop in the Accounting department.

Thinking outside the box

My 360° view on customers and communication always includes societal trends and technological developments.

Because digital transformation, innovation and cultural change go along with strategic brand management. Thanks to on-going trainings, exchange with experts, case studies and ever changing projects, I am constantly learning to bring state-of-the art knowledge and technologies into my projects to guide a brand.


When both workload and time pressure reach fever pitch, there is only one thing to do:
Get on with it!

A sense of urgency, a clear division of responsibilities and teamwork with the client and with selected service providers has always led to accomplishing the targeted objectives and timings – no matter how tight the deadline.

Analytical approach

It’s all about laying down the proper foundations.

A sound foundation for creative and strategic achievements is laid by knowing all there is to know about the clients, the essence of their undertaking, their products, the client’s customers, the market situation and the competition. This includes having an eye on societal trends and technological developments such as the digital transformation as well as on the specifics of the client’s environment.

Cost awareness

We all work to earn money. This is what I do by offering clearly defined services.

I am also significantly helping my clients to earn their money with my services for them:
by looking for new ways of approaching existing and new customers, offering customer retention tools, and, by looking at the big picture.

Thanks to my broad range of experience, my production expertise and a long-standing network of suppliers and other service providers I can contribute to a sustained reduction in costs. My quality bar is set high whilst the price-performance ratio is optimally tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Project experience

Numbers are of paramount importance.

Not only for time and resource planning or the definition of long-term milestones or lively sprints, but also for managing multidisciplinary, diverse and virtual teams.

Budget planning, monitoring of target & actual data and defining KPIs or channel specific metrics are also areas I am responsible for.

15 years independent consultant for brand communication and marketing

14 years agency background as senior consultant and creative director


Further training in