A forward-thinking dental practice

I am always glad when small and mid-sized businesses come to understand that a strategic focus and unique corporate branding generate added value, both in customer perception and improved employee identification with the company. But a dental practice was a true first! Investing in a professional look and corporate design paid off right away when Dr. Müller started his own practice, launching with two clinics and one dental laboratory. It was a case of preventative treatment, you might say.

Right from the start, the practice was broad-based, named “Zahnarztpraxis DBM” (instead of the normal practice of naming it Dr. XYZ), using bold uppercase letters and a refreshing green – an exciting change from the same old blue or grey dental practice logos you normally see. Instead of a graphic image of a tooth (you know the one I mean!), a cute bite taken out of the DBM logo tells patients the clinic is focused on healthy teeth.

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Mein Herzensanliegen bei der Logoentwicklung für die Zahnarztpraxis DBM:
Ein ästhetisches, fröhlich stimmendes Logo – und bitte ohne Bildelelmente von Zähnen oder Kiefern!

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