Mix it, Baby!

Customization has been a growing mega-trend over the past few years, as well as playing a major role in the building industry. This is the case for architects and building owners, who work to design creative and individual solutions, as well as for dealers and installers who want to offer their customers a large selection of products to choose from.

The product iD Mixonomi, from leading flooring manufacturer Tarkett, offers that selection. The company dedicated a special area of its exhibition booth at the BAU trade fair to the topic of customization and to its flagship product, iD Mixonomi. Trade fair attendees were able to create their own patterns and pictures on large magnetic surfaces using mini versions of the iD Mixonomi tiles, for a practical way to experience all the available design options.



  • Project
  • Kreation Messestandgestaltung + Produktinszenierung

By making it possible to combine five floor tiles in the shapes of diamond, fishbone left + right, triangle, and octagon, and with a color pallet of over 25 unique shades, customers have countless ways to design a room and create visual zones with just one material.

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